Welcome to the LearnSci team, Tom Mitchell and Suzanne Armstrong!

Dawn Bradley
January 23, 2023

There are two new team members at LearnSci who we’d love to introduce to you!

Tom Mitchell and Suzanne Armstrong have joined us as Business Development and Solutions Specialists, adding to our wonderful Business Development Team. We caught up with them both to find out a little bit more about them and how they came to join LearnSci.

Suzanne (left) and Tom (right) the newest members of the LearnSci team!

Hi Suzanne and Tom, and welcome! Tell us a little bit about yourselves and what you do at LearnSci.

Tom: I’m a former Mathematics lecturer at a local college. I’ve worked in a range of sales and teaching roles, and I’m really passionate about STEM. This ties nicely into my role here at LearnSci, where I work with current and new partners to ensure they have the right resources to help their students succeed.

Suzanne: I recently moved back to Scotland after living overseas for a decade and teaching STEM subjects. I am passionate about people, building great relationships and science education. My role at LearnSci involves looking for ways we can further support our existing university partners and looking for new and exciting partnership opportunities.

"I reached out to LearnSci after reading about their positive impact on education. I really wanted to be a part of it!”
Tom Mitchell, Business Development and Solutions Specialist

What were you each doing before you joined the team and how did you and LearnSci find each other?

Suzanne: I was out exploring Australia and Canada and teaching mathematics and science, with a focus on bioscience. I was doing internet research one day looking for EdTech employment opportunities in the UK when I came across LearnSci’s website. I was so impressed with the innovative resources and thought to myself ‘I wish I’d had access to products like these when I was teaching’. I wrote myself a sticky note with the LearnSci email address with a note saying ‘contact these guys!’. The rest is history.

Tom: Before working at LearnSci, I was lecturing at a local college where I taught Mathematics from GCSE right the way through to FdSc. I reached out to LearnSci after sampling their LabSims, and reading about their positive impact on education. I really wanted to be a part of it!

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What would you say you're most enjoying about your new role?

Tom: I am really enjoying meeting and talking to partners and finding out about new and interesting developments in teaching. The highlight of my time here so far has been a trip to Oxford University for the Chemistry Teaching in Practice event. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Suzanne: I am enjoying how diverse my role is and that each day brings new challenges. For example, some days I might be reaching out to potential new partners about exciting new opportunities. Other days I might be getting to know academics we’ve worked with for years and hearing about their successes using LearnSci’s LabSims and Smart Worksheets to support their students.

You both mention you’re enjoying working with our partners. Can you tell us a couple of ways you’re helping and supporting them right now?

Suzanne: This week I met with an academic who lectures in Neuropharmacology. We explored LearnSci's Smart Worksheet Collection and discussed which of the pharmacology worksheets would best support the needs of his students and how we could set them up to match his module requirements. I also had the exciting opportunity of hearing about a brand new Veterinary Medicine degree that is currently being created by one of our partner universities. The academic and I discussed ways in which our LabSims and Smart Worksheets could be used at different levels of this new course.

Tom: I'm working with a partner to build a COSHH assessment for their first year students. As their dedicated partnership manager, I am able to work closely with both the University and LearnSci’s developers, and ensure the partner’s individual needs are met as the project moves through its various stages until it's ready for release. 

When you’re not working, where are you most likely to be found?

Tom: I’m most likely found in a local coffee shop, enjoying a slice of cake and a coffee, or working towards my doctorate.

Suzanne: I really enjoy being out in the wilderness. You might find me up a hill, surfing (with a warm wetsuit on!), camping or generally exploring. I also enjoy trying new hobbies. In 2023 I’d like to crochet a blanket and join a choir.

Finally, sum up your first month at LearnSci in five words…

Suzanne: Exciting, Supportive, Learning, Team, Motivating

Tom: Enjoyable, exciting, supportive, interesting, and inspiring!

Interested in working with LearnSci? Please email your CV to and we will get back to you.