Formally recognising the expertise of our partners utilising digital learning technologies.

What do we offer?


Recognising Digital Champions as experts in digital learning technologies.

Career progression

Supporting Digital Champions with job and professional recognition applications such as FHEA and SFHEA.

Specialist support

Ongoing support for using LearnSci resources and disseminating best practice throughout the community.


Providing a digital certificate and publicly acknowledging the Digital Champion status on the LearnSci website.

Digital Champion opportunities

Act as an ambassador for LearnSci, promoting the learning resources and best practice around them.

Continue to contribute their expertise in digital learning technologies within the LearnSci community.

Act as a contact point for other academics within their institution to discuss LearnSci resources and other digital learning technologies.

Eligibility to apply to our Practitioner Inquiry Fund, supporting research into how your students use and view our resources.

Meet some of our Champions

Dr. Courtney Davy
Dr. Courtney Davy
Professional Teaching Fellow
Victoria University of Wellington, School of Chemical and Physical Sciences

“Being a LearnSci Digital Champion reflects my expertise and pedigree as an educator in chemical sciences and the awesome partnership created with the LearnSci community. This role will enable me to develop further knowledge around innovative technologies and pedagogies that can be supported by LearnSci resources – which I can use to support and teach others in my own University or within New Zealand. As a LearnSci Digital Champion I hope to see the continual positive impact digital technologies have on learning within the science community.”

Ciorstaidh Watts
Dr. Ciorsdaidh Watts
Senior Lecturer
University of Glasgow
School of Chemistry

"Being made a Digital Champion has felt like an acknowledgement of a lot of learning and of a really productive working relationship developed over time. Being recognised in this way by a leading partner is an indicator of external esteem, an important parameter used in our promotions process. I'm sure that this supported my recent promotion from Lecturer to Senior Lecturer."

Dr Dino Spagnoli
Dr. Dino Spagnoli
Senior Lecturer
University of Western Australia
School of Molecular Sciences

“Being a Digital Champion for LearnSci is a great honour. I have always tried to find online resources that help student learning. This is especially important for large first year classes. The resources that LearnSci have developed have helped students learning because they are of very high quality and provide timely feedback so that the students can improve. I hope that as a Digital Champion I can support other colleagues that want to provide an online learning environment that can improve student learning.”

Dr Louise Newnhan
Dr. Louise Newnham
Senior Lecturer
University of Sussex
School of Life Sciences

“I’ve been a vocal advocate of all things LearnSci since I discovered them back in 2018. The LearnSci tools have really enriched our teaching and assessment of lab practicals and are very popular amongst our students and staff. It’s a real honour to have been made a LearnSci digital champion and I will continue to spread the word and support colleagues to adopt these fantastic tools in their teaching.”

Dr Ryan Mewis
Dr. Ryan Mewis
Senior Lecturer
Manchester Metropolitan University
Department of Natural Sciences

“LabSims and Smart Worksheets maximise our student engagement and builds confidence both pre- and post-lab class. Being named as a Digital Champion is recognition of the scaffolded learning environments created and the relationship established with LearnSci to successfully deliver digital learning experiences.”

What are the criteria to become a Digital Champion?

A LearnSci Digital Champion must be able to demonstrate they meet all the following criteria:

  • Hold a teaching, support or leadership role within their institution.
  • Be an active partner of LearnSci for at least two years.
  • Facilitate the use of a variety of digital learning technologies in their institution.
  • Understand how LearnSci resources and other digital tools support learning.
  • Understand LTI integration and competently embed LearnSci resources on their institutional LMS/VLE.
  • Demonstrate how LearnSci resources are used in their institution.
  • Share best practice using LearnSci resources in their institution.
  • Support members of staff to engage and implement LearnSci resources.
  • Has an awareness of the subject areas LearnSci supports.
  • Demonstrate the success of one of the following criteria.
    a. Student performance in the lab, in coursework or in exams.
    b. Student satisfaction.
    c. Cohort retention on a course.
    d. Inclusivity and accessibility.
    e. Other - subject to approval by LearnSci.

How long does the certification last?

The certification will be valid for 2 years, subject to an annual discussion meeting.

If you feel you meet the criteria outlined above we would love to hear from you. Contact us to register your interest in becoming a LearnSci Digital Champion.