Reduce workload, spread innovation and future proof your courses

Free up staff time and introduce innovation into your department with digital resources for student preparation, assessment and learning.

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Graphic of two tablets, displaying LabSims and Smart Worksheets.

Free up workloads

Support your staff with solutions that lessen the burden

  • Reduce stress by saving time on material preparation, allowing support for the students who need it.
  • Lessen staff workload with autograded assessments and access to individual student performance.
  • Easy, smooth integration of resources and outstanding support from our team.
“As for the marking being sustainable, over the last three years, over 2000 individual assessments have been marked and feedback provided and no-one has lifted a red biro!"

Dr. Roy Lowry, Associate Professor, Plymouth University

 Image of three students seated at a table, being helped by a teacher
Graphic of a lab safety LabSim, with icons showing saving time and successful labs and supported students.

Invest in the future

See return on your investment with measurable results

  • Save time and money with more efficient labs and less breakages.
  • Increase student retention by introducing resources that fully support and inspire students in their lab preparation, revision and calculation practice.
  • Future proof your courses for years to come with learning resources that are accessible for all students.
“Improvement in overall pass rates, increased grades and positive feedback on this difficult module can be attributed largely to the inclusion of self-marking Smart worksheets and interactive teaching materials that improved the usage of feedback and learning experience for students."

Dr. Louise Mackenzie, University of Brighton

Boost your reputation

Stand out as a university with innovative digital resources

  • Demonstrate innovation in your department and spread best practice within and outside your university.
  • Attract future students with inspiring digital solutions that help them to enter the university lab with confidence and preparation.
  • Increase student satisfaction and improve your rankings in university league tables.
“Student complaints about marking inconsistencies or slow return of work have fallen away. NSS scores have improved, and we achieved Overall Satisfaction scores of 100% for Biology and 93% for Biomedical Sciences in 2020."

Dr. Jenny Murdoch, Royal Holloway

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