Frequently asked questions

Resources and licensing

What subjects do you cover?
How do I license LabSims for use on my course?
How do I license Smart Worksheets for use on my course?
What is included in the price?
How long is the licence for?
Do prices vary depending on the country?
How many students and instructors can access?
Will data be secure?
Can I trial the resources before making a decision?
Will I need to change my practicals in order to use the LabSims and Smart Worksheets?
Can we include our own resources (such as video demonstrations) alongside your resources?

Staff and student access

How do staff and students access the resources?
Do your resources meet accessibility guidelines?
Can I track student progress?

Set-up and support

What is Single Sign-On used on LearnSci Direct?
What is the LTI standard used on LearnSci Connect?
What support do you provide?
What level of involvement is required from our teaching and IT staff?
How are the resources set up on LearnSci Connect?