LearnSci Direct platform lets you invite anyone to participate in learning. With no need for a VLE and flexible log-in options, you can offer accessible courses to all your target audiences. It can accelerate your projects in remote learning, outreach, recruitment, widening participation, teacher training, and many others.

Offer accessible, inclusive and engaging educational experiences with your institution and the wider community.

A student learning using a laptop

What is LearnSci Direct?

A fully functional, multi-featured learning platform that is easy to use and highly effective.

The LearnSci Direct platform allows educators to expand learning opportunities within and beyond the campus, so they can utilise LearnSci resources in all of their teaching projects in one centralised location.

Why use LearnSci Direct?

Widening participation

Offer technology enhanced learning as part of widening participation initiatives to inspire students and tackle the attainment gap.


Engage the community with interactive lab simulations as part of outreach programmes and public engagement events.

Pre-sessional preparation

Give incoming cohorts the resources to feel confident and prepared as they transition to university learning environments.

Remote Learning

Create opportunities for learning around the world and share resources with international collaborators.


Showcase digital resources used in your department to excite and inspire potential students.

Training and Development

Support skill development by offering accessible training courses to lab staff, student demonstrators and community educators.

“Through the use of the LearnSci Direct platform we have been able to adapt our teaching methodologies to deliver online distance learning to further support our international collaborative teaching of biochemistry and genetics to BSc Medicinal and Biological Chemistry students in NWNU, without them having access to a recognisable virtual learning environment.”
Dr. Aled Bryant
School of Applied Sciences, University of South Wales

Key benefits

Rapid and easy set up

Our support team can get you set-up and running within days. There’s no need for any integrations to get you started.

Flexible access

The platform doesn’t rely on using your own VLE and can be accessed with or without institutional log in, meaning more learners can be invited to use the resources. It’s also GDPR compliant.

User-friendly course creation tools

We offer content building blocks so you can customise courses to best suit your learners. Our tutorials, tooltips and support demos ensure you have everything you need to start creating your perfect course.

Reporting and analytics

Immediate access to activity reports allow you to track usage and engagement, so you know exactly which resources are being used and by who. Centralised gradebrooks help you track student progress and grades on each course.

Dr. Sharon Williams
School of Life Sciences,
Coventry University
“It is easy to access and simple for the students to use. As an academic it is really easy to set the link up for the students. The Bioscience library is very diverse and accessible. It was really easy to set up the system to use our institution single-sign on so that our students don’t have another account and password to manage.”

Key features

  • Rapid set-up
  • No VLE integration required
  • Single sign-on for fast student access
  • User-friendly course building and editing
  • Embed your own text and linked content
  • Design quizzes and assignments
  • Flexible reporting of usage and engagement
  • Assignable, centralised learning materials
  • Personalised and mobile learning
  • User tours and tutorial videos

Frequently Asked Questions

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