Elevate learning and improve outcomes with digital chemistry lab solutions

Transform your lab teaching with interactive chemistry simulations and advanced worksheets that boost student confidence, build scientific skills and improve teaching experiences.

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Enhance practical skills with innovative tools that work alongside your course content

LabSims and Smart Worksheets offer an active learning experience, giving students the tools they need to take ownership of their learning. These resources enhance skills and subject knowledge in:

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General Chemistry

Prepare students to enter the lab and equip them with the key skills needed to succeed across chemistry degrees.


Smart Worksheets

Key Topics and Skills

Chromatography (TLC & Column)
Errors and Significant Figures
Heating and cooling
Lab Safety
Mole Calculations
Solutions and dilutions

Analytical Chemistry

Enhanced learning of analytical techniques and instrumentation that build confidence in core skills required for measurement science.


Smart Worksheets

Key Topics and Skills

Calorimetry and Enthalpy Change
Chromatography (Gas)
Kinetics, Equilibria and Ideal Gas Calculations
Mass Spectrometry
Melting Point Analysis
Qualitative Tests
Spectroscopy (IR, NMR + UV)

Synthetic Chemistry

Develop student understanding and experience of key synthetic methods in chemistry including preparative techniques, work-up and purification as well as sample analysis.


Smart Worksheets

Key Topics and Skills

Air sensitive techniques
Evaporating Solvents
Gravity Filtration
Heating and cooling
Rotary Evaporator
Separating Funnel + Drying Agents
Vacuum Filtration

Enhancing Chemistry Departments in 15 Countries Worldwide


increase in student preparedness

After introducing LabSims and Smart Worksheets, 90% of students felt prepared for labs, compared to only 50% before LearnSci resources were implemented.
University of Glasgow, School of Chemistry
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Over 90%
of students engaged in the first semester

40,000+ activities were completed by Chemistry students in 2020. Although not compulsory, students were quick to engage and go back to the resources multiple times. Teaching staff saw accuracy and depth of assessment questions improve.
University of Queensland, School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences
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Awarding gaps eliminated

Physical and inorganic chemistry modules’ awarding gaps were reduced to zero after introducing Smart Worksheet assessments that supplemented lectures and practical sessions.
London Metropolitan University, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
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“The virtual labs have helped supplement the ‘real’ laboratory practicals in chemistry. Students who have done the simulations have been calmer, more confident, and even more independent - even though they’re first-year students. And we’ve seen a lot fewer breakages as well!"

Prof. Fanelwa Ngece-Ajayi, Chemistry Department, University of the Western Cape

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Key benefits

Flexible, accessible resources to enhance teaching and learning experiences in chemistry

Prepare students for practical labs

Interactive simulations as pre-lab activities allow students to familiarise themselves with techniques in a safe, risk-free environment and feel prepared as they enter the lab.

Boost confidence in data analysis

Offer advanced worksheets with instant, specific feedback that offer unlimited practice in data analysis and interpretation.

Revolutionise your assessments

Reduce your marking time and identify students that need support with auto-graded assessments that allow you to review, replay and track student attempts.

Build key skills for employment

Ensure students feel confident in their scientific skills as they enter the world of work.

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