Our vision is of a scientifically literate world with the skills to improve our lives and environment

We want to enable the next generation of scientists to develop the skills needed to make our world a better place. We’ll help to deliver learning that inspires, fosters confidence and build skills in students by creating transformative digital experiences.

We’ll do this by embedding our tools and resources into educational institutions across the globe, by partnering with the scientific community and with the support and hard work of our world class team of scientists, web developers, designers and learning specialists.

Join LearnSci and help us with our ambitious mission.

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We are


We’re a trusted brand that combines web tech, science and education.

People are at the heart of everything we do - from our strong and valued team, to our respected and trusted customer partnerships. We take the time to understand, support and nurture the people we work with, forming deep relationships.

Our enthusiasm, experience and passion for what we do drives us to be innovative. Our products and services are scientifically rigorous, based on strong evidence and are there to make impact and positive change. Our approach is always relevant, human and accessible.

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Generous holiday allowance
Flexible Working
100% remote working available
Personal development commitment

What’s it like to work at LearnSci?
Hear from our team…

Angela Suriyakumaran
Content Developer

My interest was in the education side when I first started. I had some background in coding, but mostly learned on the job. There’s a great mentorship scheme for those who are joining.

It’s a great environment to work in. Everyone is warm and friendly, the culture is very collaborative, it’s more like a community.

I’m proud of the product that we built - Smart Worksheets are really cool. Doing the coding side is so enjoyable and I love looking out for customer needs, being able to think about how students interact and their learning experience.

Amirah Way
Digital Content Developer and Learning Technologist

What first interested me in LearnSci was the ability to use my interest and experience in science education to really change students' lives.

It’s a fantastic environment to work in with kind people, flexible working, and a really collaborative culture.I’m always proud of all the work that goes into the products that we build - Smart Worksheets.

I enjoy continually advancing my coding skills and applying them in the best way possible to enhance students' learning experience.

Antony Spagnoli
Business Development and Solutions Specialistess Specialist

I found LearnSci and fell in love with the company! I felt my interests aligned with the company's goals and the work was so interesting.

It’s nice to know that there’s a real positive impact and that across the world hundreds of students are benefitting from these resources. I love demonstrating to partners and helping them actually solve their problems. It’s truly rewarding to help people to improve education - I actively see the difference we are making.

There’s a real tight knit community here, I’ve never worked in a company where so many people get on with each other. Everyone’s really focussed on what they want to work on. The directors value each of their employees, they treat you like an equal not like a worker.