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Transform your lab teaching with interactive simulations and worksheets that build scientific skills in biomedical science, engage students and improve teaching experiences.

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Enhance practical skills with innovative tools that work alongside your course content

LabSims and Smart Worksheets offer an active learning experience, giving students the tools they need to take ownership of their learning. These resources enhance skills and subject knowledge in:

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Core Skills for Biomedical Sciences

Help students build a strong foundation of skills required to succeed in biomedical science.


Smart Worksheets

Key Topics and Skills

Beer Lambert Law
Buffers and pH
Calibration Plots
Lab Equipment
Lab Safety
Numeracy and Statistics
Serial Dilutions

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Key skills and investigative techniques used in the study and analysis of chemistry of biological structure.


Key Topics and Skills

Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
Column Chromatography
Enzyme Kinetics
Organic Yield
SDS-PAGE Electrophoresis
Sandwich ELISA
Western Blot

Genetics Resources

Build understanding of genetic testing techniques and skills used in research and industry.


Key Topics and Skills

DNA Quantification
Next Generation Sequencing
PCR and qPCR
RNA Extraction
SNP Detection
SSLP Detection

Physiology, Pharmacology and Histology

Core understanding of theory and skills for investigative techniques used to investigate and analyse biological samples for the identification of disease.


Key Topics and Skills

Action Potential
H&E Staining
Organ Bath

Enhancing Biomedical Science Departments Worldwide

What's the real impact of LearnSci?

84% of students felt more prepared

LabSims helped them prepare for the lab and students believed using them helped them approach their practicals with more confidence.
Coventry University, School of Life Sciences
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Students were faster and efficient in practicals

Staff remarked how students started quickly and completed labs faster after using LabSims, and experimental results were more consistent.
Glasgow Caledonian University, Department of Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Students who needed more support identified and targeted

Smart Worksheets helped staff identify 40% of their stage one bioscience students needed additional support.
University of Kent, School of Biosciences
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 “When they first attend labs, especially since COVID, students may not have had a lot of lab time. Using LearnSci just helps to build confidence when they arrive, and to get them used to being in the lab”

Dr. Sue Jones, York St Johns University

Key benefits

Flexible, accessible resources to enhance teaching and learning experiences in biomedical science

Prepare students for practical labs

Interactive simulations as pre-lab activities allow students to familiarise themselves with techniques in a safe, risk-free environment and feel prepared as they enter the lab.

Boost confidence in data analysis

Offer advanced worksheets with instant, specific feedback that offer unlimited practice in data analysis and interpretation.

Revolutionise your assessments

Reduce your marking time and identify students that need support with auto-graded assessments that allow you to review, replay and track student attempts.

Build key skills for employment

Ensure students feel confident in their scientific skills as they enter the world of work.

Start enhancing practical lab skills
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