Daphne Chen - Marketing and Communications

September 21, 2023

A little bit about me

I'm Daphne, a master's student in marketing at the University of Bristol, and I recently completed a dynamic and impactful internship at LearnSci.

Why did I choose LearnSci?

I was drawn to LearnSci because of its reputation as an international leader in technology-enhanced learning for science education, and the opportunity to work in both remote and in-person settings allowed me to gain a rich set of experiences. 

What did I achieve during my internship?

During my tenure, I worked closely with the communications team to manage the YouTube channel and help update the design for the Teaching Innovation Awards logo, among other tasks like producing marketing videos and brainstorming new creative concepts. 

What was it like working alongside the LearnSci team?

The team was incredible—vividly diverse and supportive, even offering a "coffee buddy" system to help integrate remote workers like me into the company culture. The range of tasks I undertook, from using the Watertight Marketing Matrix analysis company current situation to engaging in the LearnSci Research Task, helped me unearth hidden skills and gain transformative insights into my professional identity. It was much more than an internship; it was a pivotal experience in my journey toward understanding my strengths, preferences, and the significance of ongoing self-reflection for personal growth.

If you're interested in interning with us, contact our Operations Manager Dawn Bradley at to express your interest. Please include an up to date copy of your CV and explain why you’d like to intern with us and when you’d be looking for the internship to take place. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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