Jeffrey Andoh - Research and Marketing

September 22, 2023

A little bit about me

Hi, my name’s Jeffrey and at the time of my internship at LearnSci, I was near to completing my Masters degree in Molecular Medicine at the University of Northampton.

Why did I approach LearnSci for an internship/placement?

Prior to beginning my postgraduate studies, I had a different perception of what online or virtual studies were. This is because throughout my educational experience I had been exposed to very little virtual learning. The first thing that came to mind whenever I thought of online education was using the internet to search for learning materials. Little did I know that it goes far beyond that.

With uncertainties surrounding education amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, many institutions resorted to online teaching. Classrooms, discussion groups, and blackboards can now be created virtually to support learning.

During my postgraduate studies, I used online learning tools such as Blackboard Collaborate, Kaltura and NILE. However, I had never appreciated what goes into making these digital resources. My placement with Learning Science was an eye-opener into this. I was able to learn how Learning Science’s Smart Worksheets and laboratory simulations, LabSims, are designed for effective teaching and learning.

What did I achieve during my internship/placement?

In addition to gaining knowledge from the company, I could use my university experience to provide an effective work output. This enabled me to apply my theoretical knowledge of many disciplines in the biosciences field. As a previous Relationship Officer in microfinance banking, I could apply my understanding of business. For example, I used ‘SWOTT’ analysis to do market research. I was able to build on this business knowledge and expand my skill set, which prepared me for potential opportunities in the bio-business industry.

What was it like working alongside the LearnSci team?

Beginning my internship during the pandemic meant I could not meet my colleagues face-to-face. Slack and Google Meet were the primary means of communication. The workplace was therefore a very close community, as you could reach anyone with the click of a button! Information was easily disseminated, and staff were very welcoming and approachable. There was always someone ready to offer a helping hand.

My month at Learning Science was an enjoyable placement where I was able to improve my research and marketing skills, and my critical thinking. The experience was invaluable and helped prepare me for work after my postgraduate studies. I want to thank the Learning Science team for giving me this opportunity and for such a wonderful experience.

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