Introducing LearnSci - our new brand

December 13, 2021

Over the last few months our team has been working hard on a new look and feel for our company. We’re excited to finally be able to introduce our new brand - LearnSci.

Why the Change?

Over the last 14 years, our company has evolved and grown. When founded in 2007, Learning Science began with only three members of staff. Fast forward to 2021 and we have a world-class team, including scientists, designers, developers and education experts based all over the United Kingdom. We’ve expanded our products and services to cover chemistry, bioscience, engineering and mathematics.

We’ve also gone from strength to strength building partnerships and working with a community of educators across the world. We’re proud to say our products are used in over 200 educational departments in over 15 different countries.

After considering all of these changes, we decided it was time to develop a new brand identity that better reflected the personality of our current company, our values, and vision for the future.

Learning Science is now LearnSci

We worked closely alongside UX company Deckchair to examine who we felt Learning Science was, and what we wanted our new brand to reflect. We wanted our new brand to be representative of our work with educators and our dedication to science.

The old Learning Science Logo and the new LearnSci logo

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is of a scientifically literate world with the skills to improve our lives and environment.

Our purpose is to empower educators to deliver engaging and effective learning experiences which can help students develop the essential skills they need to succeed in their academic and career goals.

Our Values

  • Accessible
  • People
  • Pioneering
  • Optimism
  • Impact
  • Empathy
  • Expert

People are at the heart of everything we do - from our strong and valued team, to our respected and trusted customer partnerships. We take the time to understand, support and nurture the people we work with, forming deep relationships.

Our enthusiasm, experience and passion for what we do drives us to be innovative. Our products and services are scientifically rigorous, based on strong evidence and are there to make impact and positive change. Our approach is always relevant, human and accessible - we want to enable scientific literacy across the globe.

What is the new brand?

As well as a new name, we’ve updated our visual identity. One of the most notable changes is our new logo mark. The logo represents the idea of people being at the heart of what we do. The speech bubbles are a conversation between us and our partners. The logo is set to look like it's in motion representing the feedback cycle that's the backbone of our company and products. At the heart of the logo is a sine wave, which fills the space between the speech bubbles and shows what we're all about: science education.

A visual depiction of the inspiration behind the LearnSci logo

Our new brand colours represent creativity, growth & harmony. The colours are complementary and represent two parties from different origins working in unison.

Our new LearnSci brand

What’s new on the website?

Our new website aims to showcase our company and products, as well as the wider work we are doing within education, and to be a valuable resource for our partners and members of the community. 

Our new Insight articles will focus on providing stories of best practice and knowledge shared by our team and other educators. As part of our dedication to spreading best practice, we also have a page to invite you to our Community Groups, where educators are invited to share knowledge and ideas.

You can also see what work we are doing with educators in your region, with dedicated global community pages for Africa, Australia, New Zealand and East Asia and Europe and the Middle East

This new brand marks the beginning of an exciting venture for LearnSci, as we continue to grow and set out to connect with and support even more science educators across the globe. 

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