The Smart Worksheet Collection: a suite of ready-made assessment tools, used by universities worldwide.

Ashleigh Steele
November 12, 2021

As an educator, you want your students to reach their full potential. Their willingness to approach a challenge needs to be rewarded with immediate targeted feedback that helps them to improve. For over 14 years we have been immersed in the learning journey, dedicating ourselves to understanding the challenges educators face and how to apply the latest technologies to create the most effective learning experience. We developed Smart Worksheet technology from the ground up in response to academic demand for a sophisticated yet streamlined learning and assessment tool. Prototyped and piloted over 5 years in the UK and USA, Smart Worksheets replace the drawn-out back-and-forth of manual marking with an intelligent, feedback-rich system, significantly saving staff time while putting individualised learning at the centre of the student experience.

LearnSci’s Smart Worksheets have proven to be highly effective online learning activities and assessments that can help you better understand your students and free up time for further support.

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Immediate, targeted feedback

The best time to provide feedback is during or immediately after a learning activity. Manual marking does not lend itself to this, sometimes not providing the student with feedback until weeks afterwards, by which time the student and educator have moved onto the next activity. Within Smart Worksheets, students get real-time feedback as they type. This encourages them to critically examine their answers before submitting and allows them to immediately learn from the feedback given and progress in their understanding.

A section of a Smart Worksheet showing feedback

Dr Bhaven Patel from London Metropolitan University, worked with LearnSci to develop the Identification of an Unknown Compound Smart Worksheet, now available in our Collection. Immediate feedback increased students’ confidence and ability to analyse analytical spectra and problem-solve.

Understand your students

Activate the Timeline Mode and forward and reverse the playback of the student attempt within the control bar.
Activate the Timeline Mode and forward and reverse the playback of the student attempt within the control bar.

Gain immediate insight into student progress with detailed worksheet data. Understand their level of ability, difficulties they may have, and common issues that require further attention. You can review student attempts question by question using our unique Timeline Mode feature.

Dr Alexandra Moores from the School of Biosciences at the University of Kent used the Numeracy Smart Worksheet, available in our Collection, as a diagnostic tool. The Smart Worksheet identified the mathematical skill level of incoming first-year students within the Natural Sciences division who may have been affected by the cancellation of FE examinations and online learning throughout 2020. It enabled the teaching staff to direct additional support to where it was needed most. Further details of this Smart Worksheet and its use are available in our case study.

Reclaim your academic time

Automated grading and feedback within Smart Worksheets make unmanageable marking burdens a thing of the past. With grading synced to your LMS/VLE grade book, time can now be better spent supporting your students further. Over 80 ready-made Smart Worksheets are available in our Smart Worksheet Collection. No need to dedicate large amounts of time to resource development - they’re already built for you.

The Collection covers a wide range of science and mathematical topics and concepts including:

  • Organic Chemistry - curly arrow mechanisms, characterising molecules
  • Fundamental Principles - errors, mole calculations, statistics, scientific terminology and notation
  • Biosciences - ecology, enzyme kinetics, molecular biology, nutrition, pharmacology
  • Lab Skills - titrations, spectroscopy, solutions and dilutions, yield, chromatography
  • Chemistry - Beer-Lambert, thermodynamics, kinetics, pH and buffers, equilibria

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