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Fractional Distillation

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Learn about fractional distillation equipment. Determine if distillation apparatus has been safely set-up and examine the conditions of the glassware, condenser, thermometer position, fractioning column and heat supply.

Learning Outcomes

  • Familiarise yourself with fractional distillation apparatus
  • Understand the importance of safely setting up the appropriate glassware
  • Understand the need for a fractioning column
  • Learn how to fit a condenser correctly
  • Learn appropriate placement of clamps and collection flask
  • Understand the correct positioning of the thermometer and type of heat supplied
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Using Instruments and Equipment

  • What equipment is required to perform a fractional distillation experiment
  • Why a flow of water through the condenser is required for effective cooling 
  • How the direction of water flow affects the cooling process
  • Where the thermometer should be placed in order to measure the temperature of the condensing vapour 
  • Why a packed vertical column works best for fractional distillation

Working in a Safe Manner

  • Why the connections between components of the apparatus must be secured
  • Why plastic clips should only be used on cold apparatus 
  • Why it is important to not overfill the reaction flask or overheat the solution 
  • Why boiling chips are required

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Dr. Ciorsdaidh Watts
University of Glasgow

“We have noted how quickly students got started initially, and how much extra time they had in the lab to concentrate on techniques and safety.”



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