Community and collaboration: Exploring digital learning at the LearnSci Innovation Forum

Yasmin Wong
May 31, 2022

As much as the transition to remote working and learning has helped us be more flexible, we are always thrilled when we get to connect with our community face-to-face. Over the last few years, we, like so many others, have had limited opportunities to connect in-person with our colleagues, partners and wider community. Now, with the world opening up again, it was great to be able to host an event that focused on connecting with university educators to share knowledge, ideas and best practice.

A thought-leadership event to explore digital learning technologies

This month we hosted the LearnSci Innovation Forum, an event that brought together a group of thought-leaders in STEM Higher Education to explore the potential of the online learning environment and landscape of digital learning in science. As part of our commitment to build and learn from the LearnSci Community, we wanted to talk to educators from some of our partner universities to discuss and understand students’ learning journeys and how best to utilise digital technologies.

“It’s clear that the one-hour web meeting has become a big part of all our lives. For the forum we set out to create a different kind of meeting in which our team and experienced academic educators could interact face-to-face over two days to share ideas and learn from each other. The outstanding success of the event demonstrates how dynamic and creative our sector can be.”
Bill Heslop, Managing Director, LearnSci

Connecting educators, sharing ideas and inspiring innovation

This was an opportunity not only for educators to meet, share ideas and discuss topics in digital education, but also allowed us to hear from our university partners on their current challenges, innovative ideas and vision for teaching in their department. 

An opportunity for discusssions and sharing best practice with other higher education academics.

This two-day session featured discussions, workshops and debates covering topics such as the role of digital in higher education teaching, the importance of an active community of practice and authentic assessment.

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A commitment to build the LearnSci Community

The attending LearnSci team also really valued the connections and insights gained from the event, and we have more ideas than ever for further developing our products, community and more. We hope that it is just one of many opportunities in which we can create spaces for our community of educators to collaborate and share ideas, and help shape the future of digital learning in STEM.

A valuable event to bring together LearnSci members and university educators to explore digital education.
Looking for opportunities to connect with more educators? Join our community today. We have a range of community groups which tackle specific topics in education and invite discussion from university academics worldwide.