Handcrafted in Bristol: The making of our Teaching Innovation Awards trophies

Ashleigh Steele
October 6, 2022

Whilst supporting a local business, we wanted our Teaching Innovation Award winners to have a trophy worth showing off. Here we showcase how these impressive keepsakes are handcrafted at a local Bristol studio.

Bristol Blue Glass re-established the glassmaking tradition in Bristol when it opened in 1988. Skilled glassmakers here have produced some of the finest free-blown glassware in England using simple techniques and with basic hand tools.

We approached Bristol Blue Glass way back in 2020 when the Teaching Innovation Awards first started and they have supported the celebration and sharing of best practices in science education through our awards ever since. 

We were grateful to be able to visit the studio to witness the trophies being made and here show some of the key stages of the intricate process. Being handcrafted means that each trophy is unique, making them even more special.

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You can get your hands on one of these impressive trophies. 

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