Decolonising and Diversifying Biosciences Education - Join the conversation this December

November 4, 2022
Banner for decolonising and diversifying bioscienced education event. Society or experimental biology presents: Decolonising and diversifying bioscienced education, Robinson College Cambridge, 19-20 December. SEBIOLOGY.ORG. #SEBOED22

Join academics from across the UK at the Decolonising and Diversifying Biosciences Education Symposium, to discuss and share ideas on how Bioscience can be taught, through an equality and diversity lens.

An exciting new event with a focus on inclusion and equality

On the 19th and 20th of December 2022, the Society for Experimental Biology is hosting a brand new event that invites educators in bioscience to share best practice in equality, diversity and inclusion, as well as informing ways in which bioscience and its teaching can be decolonised.

The event organisers include valued LearnSci academic partner Dr. Katherine Hubbard (University of Hull) and fellow university educators Dr. Catherine Mansfield (Imperial College London), Isaiah Ting (University of Surrey) and Tina Joshi (University of Plymouth).

Topics over the two days will include:

  • Historical legacies of colonialism on the biosciences
  • The need to adopt more diverse and inclusive examples
  • Ableism within the curriculum
  • Awarding gaps for disadvantaged students
  • How biology education can better incorporate international perspectives
"We’re glad to be supporting this event that will encourage sharing of good practice as well as important discussions to make education more representative, inclusive and relevant to all learners.”
Bill Heslop, Managing Director, LearnSci

We’ll see you there!

Our team will be attending to support the event and get involved in the conversations, learning  how we can help contribute to the diversification of bioscience education.

We’d love to see as much of the LearnSci Community there as possible.  If you’re already signed up, drop us an email or tag us on Twitter at @LearnSciHQ and let us know. You can also share information about the event to encourage as many of your colleagues and fellow educators to attend, using assets from the SEB website.

The event will be held on the 19th-20th of December 2022 at Robinson College, Cambridge, UK.

Full registration and details of the event can be found on the SEB Symposium webpage. Early Bird Registration closes on the 8th of November. Options for virtual, early career, student, retired and non-member registrations are available.

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