6 opportunities to meet with innovative STEM educators in Summer 2022

Yasmin Wong
June 8, 2022

Conferences bring together people who are all looking for the same thing - to share ideas, to learn from others and to find inspiration in their field. With our first in-person event since COVID-19 being a success last month, we are more than ready to kick off a summer full of opportunities to connect with those who are passionate about digital learning and education in science.

Here we detail six opportunities to meet with like-minded science educators this summer.

1. Horizons in STEM Higher Education Conference

Location: London, United Kingdom
Dates: 28th and 29th June, 2022

The conference is a chance for those across the STEM higher education community to connect with one another and to share best practice in teaching and pedagogy. The event which has been running for over five years has brought thought-leaders together to discuss and debate the latest innovations in higher education.

This year’s event, hosted by the University College London, will be running as a hybrid event online and in-person. Over the two days delegates will attend workshops and talks delivered by experts across scientific disciplines to share innovations and insights in topics such as equality, diversity and inclusion, employability, blended learning and sustainability, as well as many more.

Team LearnSci is also hosting a session - Celebrating Innovation of Digital Learning Tools in STEM Education - which will showcase the innovative projects from the winners of the LearnSci Teaching Innovation Awards. 

You can register for the event and see the full agenda at the Horizons in STEM conference website.

2. RACI National Congress

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Dates: 3rd - 8th July, 2022

The 2022 RACI National Congress is the premier meeting of chemistry professionals across Australia and the world. Hosted by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, this 5 day event will be full of opportunities to network across the chemistry community. The event, taking place in Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre has a fully stocked program full of informative and social sessions.

As well as opportunities to engage in talks and discussion in multiple disciplines of chemistry, there will be a dedicated Chemical Education Symposia that will bring together chemistry educators to present their work in chemical education research, including LearnSci partners Prof. Dudley Shallcross from the University of Bristol, Dr. Andrew Allsebrook from the University of Queensland and Dr. Dino Spagnoli from the University of Western Australia.

Find out more about the event at

3. The Biochemistry Global Summit

Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Dates: 9th - 14th July, 2022

This year the 46th FEBS Congress, the 15th PABMB Congress and the 25th IUBMB Congress are combining for a singular global event in the beautiful city of Lisbon. The Biochemistry Global Summit invites scientists from the world to take part in an event dedicated to exploring technology, research and education in molecular life sciences.

With a range of workshops, symposia and plenary lectures, it’s sure to be a jam-packed event for all delegates, including a special session on experiences and lessons in post-covid education delivered by FEBS and IUBMB.

Team LearnSci will be attending the event as a sponsor for an opportunity to meet and connect with so many specialists in biochemistry and molecular biology.

Registration closes soon! Visit the congress website for more information.

4. 26th IUPAC International Conference on Chemistry Education

Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Dates: 18th - 22nd July, 2022

After several unfortunate cases of postponement due to the ongoing pandemic, this summer sees the return of the IUPAC international conference on chemistry education, held in Cape Town, South Africa. The conference will be organised around the theme - ‘Responding to 21st Century imperatives in chemistry education’ and will offer a chance to build partnerships between local and international educators.

 The programme includes events across the week that focus key topics such as:

  • Curriculum and assessment reform initiatives
  • Rethinking laboratory training post-COVID-19
  • Effective instruction in the online environment
  • Teacher education, teacher knowledge and continuous professional development
  • Context and diversity in chemistry education
  • Chemistry for sustainability
  • Chemistry teaching and learning, pedagogy and cognition

As part of the proceedings, Professor Dudley Shallcross from the University of Bristol will be will be presenting his research and discussing the use of LearnSci resources in the virtual learning environment. We’re so excited to be sponsoring this event and we can’t wait to connect with the educational community in South Africa and beyond. Visit the conference website to register.

5. 27th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education 

Location: West Lafayette, Indiana, United States
Dates: 31st July - 4th August, 2022

This conference is a welcoming event that invites practitioners and researchers involved in all levels of chemistry education to attend to meet with colleagues and make connections with other educators. Hosted as an official meeting of the Division of Chemical Education of the American Chemical Society, it is also a source for new and experienced teachers of chemistry to discover new resources, content and materials to use in classrooms and labs. 

The conference theme this year is ‘New approaches to modern challenges’ and will encourage conversations on how to tackle emerging issues in education with innovation. Members of team LearnSci will be attending as part of our partnership with Macmillan Learning.

Visit the conference website to find out more information about the event.

6. American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Dates: 26th - 29th June 2022

Now in it’s 129th year, the ASSE Annual Conference is a chance for those who work in engineering and engineering technology education to come together and exchange ideas about teaching methods and attend workshops to lead about new tools and technologies. 

Filled with more than 400 technical sessions, panel discussions, lectures and social events (including morning yoga!), this is the premier event for celebrating advancing of engineering education. LearnSci team members will be in attendance as part of our new partnership with TecQuipment.

If you are an engineering educators and are interested in attending the event, visit the ASEE website.

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We’ll see you soon!

These events are sure to bring together thought-leaders and innovators in STEM and education and will be a fantastic opportunity to learn from our wider community.

If you’re attending any of these events this summer - let us know! You can get in touch via email or on our Twitter or LinkedIn accounts, and don’t forget to share any other science education events you’re planning on attending this summer with the hashtag #LearnSciCommunity.