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Crime Scene Investigation

Incident Scene: Assessment and Examination

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Learn about forensic assessment and identification of different evidence types as well as priority evidence, during your forensic examination of an incident scene. Use your observations to develop a strategy for evidence recovery and formulate a hypothesis.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use observation skills and a meticulous approach with attention to detail to undertake a visual examination and identify information, intelligence and areas of interest within the scene to enable understanding and interpretation of the incident
  • Use critical thinking and forensic knowledge to identify forensic evidence and potential forensic evidence areas within in the scene
  • Use critical thinking and a logical approach to develop a forensic strategy for the scene examination, and to decide upon the optimum sequential order for evidence recovery to maximise forensic evidence opportunities for the investigation by preserving potential evidence and preventing contamination
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Obtaining and Recording Data

  • Why information gathering and communication skills are important in maximising forensic evidence opportunities
  • How to identify priority forensic evidence and other evidence types relevant to the investigation
  • How to record observations, actions and priority evidence 
  • How to develop a forensic strategy for evidence recovery and a hypothesis 
  • How to maximise forensic evidence opportunities

Interpreting and Analysing Data

  • How to interpret fingerprint, DNA, footwear, drugs, fibres, glass and other forensic evidence
  • What factors should be taken into account when considering the value and significance of evidence
  • How to interpret forensic evidence and its priority and significance for the investigation
  • How to develop a forensic strategy for evidence recovery and a hypothesis as to the circumstances of the incident

Concepts Principles and Theories

  • Forensic Science Regulator Codes of Conduct and Practice
  • ISO 17020 accreditation criteria
  • Dynamic health and safety risk assessment 
  • Locard’s Principle
  • Crime scene management
  • College of Policing Murder Investigation Manual

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Becky Flanagan, Forensic Science Lecturer, University of Wolverhampton

“These [resources] will benefit our students' learning, preparing them for important crime scene practicals, where maximising scene house experience is such an important part of their learning for future employability. I’ve loved the development journey working in collaboration with LearnSci and am excited to share our final forensic science interactive product with everyone.“



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Crime Scene Investigation

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